Why it’s better not to be a douche

This is just a quick post to remind travelers why it’s best to be polite to fellow travelers. No matter how tired you are, don’t be a douche!

Ok, so I just got back from a trip to Cambodia, arriving at Don Muang airport in Thailand. I stepped into a customs line that split into two. The guy in front of me was this big guy blocking people from picking a line because he planned to move into whichever line was fastest.

Are you going to pick a line? I need to know where to go here.

To which he turns to me, sneers, and says, “No!” in the douchiest way possible. He folds his arms and looks at me with a “What are you going to do about it?” look, then turns away.

No worries. I’m not that bothered.

Fast forward 10 minutes. I have my bag and I’m heading to the taxi queue…which as always is beyond ginormous! Imagine a long queue…to get into another queue, to then split into 4 queues, to then get a taxi. Or better yet, don’t imagine it. Here’s an actual photo of that queue from richardbarrow.com.


Taxi queue at Don Muang

Mr. Douche and his girlfriend were at the end of that queue. I blew right by them and went to a place where I know I can get a taxi without waiting. I was on the motorway about 5 minutes after seeing them. In fact, I was probably home, finished dinner, and having a beer before they even got close to getting a taxi.

So the moral of this story? If this young idiot had just told me politely that he and his girlfriend had to make it to another flight or to a hotel or anything…then not only would I have guided them away from that taxi queue, but I would have gotten them into a taxi before me and talked to the taxi driver for them to make sure they got where they needed to go.

You never know who you’re being rude to. I meet travelers on a daily basis with amazing local knowledge. The time and money that has saved me over the years — and the friendships I’ve made though those interactions — are priceless. And all it takes is being polite.

Don’t be a douche!