The Blue Lime Hotel. A gem of a hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tucked back in a side alley off Street 19 in Phnom Penh, the Blue Lime Hotel is a bit of a hidden gem. The well designed rooms are spotless, quiet, and safe. The pool area is a relaxing oasis in an otherwise chaotic city. The staff are friendly and helpful. And all this for about $70 a night on Agoda. I even had a private pool off of my room. Can’t beat that!

The Blue Lime Hotel

The Blue Lime Hotel is located off of Street 19 on road 19z, just behind the Royal Palace area. This is a great location in the city as it’s clean and quiet compared to the scummier, crowded areas around the market, and it’s a short walk to the river road area, which is the place to be for happy hour!

Blue Lime Map

The Blue Lime Hotel is down 19z on the left

Blue Lime Hotel

Look for the sign just 30 meters up 19z on your left

The Rooms
The room I was in was, simply put, the best room I’ve ever stayed at in that price range. Forgetting for a moment about the private pool, every aspect of the room was well designed and well thought out. There was a hand-drawn mural on the wall, the color scheme felt relaxed but a bit tropical, and the room had an in-room safe, mini bar, and enough power outlets even for a working-on-the-road type like me.

Panorama of Room Blue Lime Hotel

The private pool room design at the Blue Lime Hotel

Panorama of Room Blue Lime Hotel

Bright and colorful rooms

Room Blue Lime Hotel

Loved the room design

Plug ins at Blue Lime Hotel

Ample power outlets. So unusual for a hotel

Mini bar at Blue Lime Hotel

Coffee, snacks, and a decent mini-bar

The Private Pools
I was in one of the ground-floor rooms that had a private pool that I could access from a door in the back of my room. It had a small garden and would have been great if I weren’t such a loser and actually travelled with a woman. I used it as a chill spot when I was getting some late night work done.

Private pool

The private pool off of my room

The Hotel Overall
The best things about this hotel were the staff, all of whom were friendly and helpful, and the pool area, which has cushioned gazebo areas where you could chill by the pool and check your email, read, or get retro and actually swim in the pool. The wifi at the hotel was surprisingly fast most of the time, but, being in Cambodia, it would cut out and be unusable for short periods.

The only staff problem was that they keep the front desk a bit understaffed around check-out time. So if you have to be somewhere, go there with ample time to spare. Having said that, the girl working the front desk handled a super long and annoying phone call from some woman in Italy, got me checked out and handed over to the bus service taking me to Siem Reap, and dealt with other guests. And all of this without losing it. I was impressed.

So as long as the prices remain reasonable, then this is THE hotel to check out in Phnom Penh. If you go or have been, leave a comment and let me know about your experience.

Pool area Blue Lime Hotel

The pool and dining area. Gazebos by the pool for chilling

Hallway Blue Lime Hotel

Nice mix of ambient and artificial light in the hallways