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A Japanese summer “matsuri”

Since my last video was my last working day…here’s my last night in Japan. I had been out working at Starbucks and headed home to finish packing. Then I heard the distinctive sounds… Continue reading

Road trip in Japan: Kamogawa, Chiba

Japan is Green, and I don’t mean Eco. As you’ll see on this drive down the Boso Peninsula (房総半島), there is more to Japan than crowded neon lit streets. Last weekend it was… Continue reading

X Japan: A blast from the past with Hide, Yoshiki and Toshi

When I first moved to Japan in 1992, a friend of mine happened to know “hide” from a visual kei band called X-Japan. Free tickets and free beers with the band made for… Continue reading

$220 Mangos in Kagoshima, Japan

I love free travel, and presenting at conferences is a nice way to get some work done in my field, and see a bit of the country while I’m at it. This time… Continue reading

The red tape behind a simple address change in Japan. Aka: Why people have high blood pressure

More RED TAPE in Japan Last year I moved to a new apartment. So last week I went into the Department of Motor Vehicles in Japan to change my car registration address. A… Continue reading