A Japanese summer “matsuri”

Since my last video was my last working day…here’s my last night in Japan.

I had been out working at Starbucks and headed home to finish packing. Then I heard the distinctive sounds of my local summer festival. The summer 祭り…matsuri!!

Matsuris are a combination of drinking, eating and traditional drums (Taiko – 太鼓) and dancing. Japan is a fairly anti-social place most of the year. But at Matsuri, everybody talks to everybody. So it’s always a great time.

One of the songs playing in the video I remembered from my first matsuri 19 years ago. Back then I’d get more involved. I’d drink Japanese sake straight from the bottle with the local old Japanese dudes, and they’d eventually drag me, the token gaijin in the village, up on stage to dance. Even now, as a Westerner, you stand out and get noticed at these things. So it’s easy to meet people.

Hope you like the footage!