Brilliant Birthday at Trattoria Altrove in El Nido, Palawan

El Nido is a great place to meet other travelers and has a few really cool places to eat and drink. In fact, I spent my 48th birthday at the best pizza place in El Nido, Altrove, with some incredibly cool people I met on an Island Hopping Tour. Brilliant! Another reason to go beyond Puerto Princesa and find your way up to El Nido.


Happy Birthday to Me

For my birthday trip this year, I went to El Nido in Palawan, Philippines. You can check future posts for more info about this and other places in Palawan. For now, I just want to say THANKS!! 😀 to some great people who shared my 48th birthday with me: The awesome world-traveling Danish girls, Maria and Amalie, the super experienced traveler and photographer and all-around-great-guy for treating ALL of us to dinner!, Alan and his most amazing partner in crime, Gina (Also Canadian. Yeah!)

It was an amazing dinner and an amazing post-dinner beers-around-El-Nido session. CHEERS!

Dinner at the best pizza place in El Nido

Dinner at Altrove, the best pizza place in El Nido


How it happened

Simple really. We were out on Island Hopping “Tour B.” Not long after we stopped for a bite to eat here, we headed home…


We had all been laughing and joking all day as we hopped from beautiful beach to beach, exploring cave after cave, so I felt quite comfortable telling them as we approached El Nido, “Actually, it’s my birthday today.” I told them of a pizza place I’d heard about and that I planned to find for my birthday dinner. “Everybody has to eat, so why don’t you join me for some good pizza and help me celebrate my birthday?” And so we decided to meet up for a few beers by the beach before moving to the restaurant. I was geeked!

Unexpected cake is the tastiest

I was the first to make it to the beach bar, watching some home-made speed boats do their thing in the bay in front of El Nido. I spotted Marie and Amalie who had the most amazing birthday gifts in hand…a single piece of chocolate cake and two San Mig beers, complete with self-styled ribbons. I was speechless. Check out the most awesome and “lækker” piece of cake I ever remember eating.




And just so you can see what the bay looks like behind us, here’s a darkened version of the photo. Not a bad place to be having a birthday beer with friends!



Trattoria Altrove. The best pizza in El Nido

When you eventually get to El Nido, there aren’t too many restaurants to choose from. So choose Altrove. When facing El Nido with the water at your back, it’s located on the left side of the town on the road that runs behind the beach bars and hotels. Walking up the road, it will be on your right. Sorry for the imprecise directions, but I was half-cut by the time I left so things are a bit fuzzy. What can I say, it was my birthday.


Altrove is somewhere in the red circle. Go to for original map

In any case, it’s easy to find. You’ll see the wood-fired oven on the first floor and steps leading up to the restaurant. Leave your shoes on the steps on the way up. It’s not the cheapest place in town, but the food was great. And Alan, you dawg!! Thanks again for sneakin’ up when I wasn’t looking and paying for our dinner! I truly appreciated it!

From my great birthday cake on the beach to an amazing dinner at Altrove — the four of you made my birthday unforgettable. Thanks!

Here are some photos of Altrove I found on



Been to Altrove? Or know some place better to eat in El Nido? Let me know!