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Fukuoka, Kyushu. My Favorite City in Japan

This is a post from 2009 that I’ve migrated to WordPress from my old blog. Visiting Japan? Be sure to check out Fukuoka down on the island of Kyushu. Nice people and great… Continue reading

Eclipse pics from Japan

Ok, I didn’t have eclipse glasses, but the cloud cover gave me a chance to see the main part of the eclipse without going blind! Here are some shots of the eclipse as… Continue reading

Is Starbucks Japan Milk Radioactive? Shhhh….It’s a Secret!!!

Radiation is being found throughout the food chain in Japan, including milk products. It’s therefore reasonable to ask a company that sells milk-based products to ensure that its food supply is radiation free.… Continue reading

A Japanese summer “matsuri”

Since my last video was my last working day…here’s my last night in Japan. I had been out working at Starbucks and headed home to finish packing. Then I heard the distinctive sounds… Continue reading

Road trip in Japan: Kamogawa, Chiba

Japan is Green, and I don’t mean Eco. As you’ll see on this drive down the Boso Peninsula (房総半島), there is more to Japan than crowded neon lit streets. Last weekend it was… Continue reading

X Japan: A blast from the past with Hide, Yoshiki and Toshi

When I first moved to Japan in 1992, a friend of mine happened to know “hide” from a visual kei band called X-Japan. Free tickets and free beers with the band made for… Continue reading

My permanent residence visa…GOT IT!

After 5 long months of wondering “Will I get it???”, I got the call today from my immigration lawyer. I got my permanent residence status!! Booya! For those not familiar with the life… Continue reading

$220 Mangos in Kagoshima, Japan

I love free travel, and presenting at conferences is a nice way to get some work done in my field, and see a bit of the country while I’m at it. This time… Continue reading

The red tape behind a simple address change in Japan. Aka: Why people have high blood pressure

More RED TAPE in Japan Last year I moved to a new apartment. So last week I went into the Department of Motor Vehicles in Japan to change my car registration address. A… Continue reading

Japanese banks: Reinventing the Wheel

    (日本語文は、下にあります) What do these images above have in common?? Everything. The banks in Japan, in spite of having a reputation of being technologically advanced, still run as if they were operating… Continue reading