Eclipse pics from Japan

Ok, I didn’t have eclipse glasses, but the cloud cover gave me a chance to see the main part of the eclipse without going blind!

Here are some shots of the eclipse as seen from Inagekaigan, Chiba, Japan. The sun was peeking out every few minutes from the clouds, so I could only get the shots at those times. And the shots are all a bit dark and mysterious…kind of like those elusive Bigfoot pics you used to see growing up. Anyway, here they are.

Photo 1: Just before the full eclipse

Photo 2: Tiny (not sure why my camera did a low res shot). This is almost right at the peak.

Photo 3: Just past the main eclipse

Photo 4:Also just past

Although looking through the clouds didn’t bother my eyes, I’m still half blind from looking just for a brief second after the clouds parted, and that was 30 minutes ago. Doh!