Road trip in Japan: Kamogawa, Chiba

Japan is Green, and I don’t mean Eco. As you’ll see on this drive down the Boso Peninsula (房総半島), there is more to Japan than crowded neon lit streets.

Last weekend it was my turn to attend an English camp in the hills of South Chiba. I love the drive because it’s incredibly green…and it’s an excuse to stop at every convenience store I find along the way for snacks and ice cream (road-trip rules).

I took a few video clips on the way. It mostly sucks, but at least you can see what it’s like here. And you gotta love the “genki” students at the end of the vid. This camp was for some visiting high school students who will be going to study abroad soon. They were AWESOME. You kind of lose hope in Japan since you constantly deal with people who have studied English for 8 years and still can’t make a complete sentence. But this group learned so fast and they used English all the time. It was a ton of fun!

Boso Peninsula, Chiba
If you are in Tokyo and want to escape the rush for a bit, then get your ass down to the Boso Peninsula. Here’s a map of the area. Click here for the interactive version with info.