Live Music: Reason No.1 of what I LOVE about the Philippines.

Kuwagos Grill.
Some of the best live music in Manila

Those who know me know that my main thing to do in Manila is to take my computer, a few Pesos and hit a local live music place to crank out some work over a few beers. My usual place for this is the Kuwagos Grill. I highly recommend it. Although it’s open 24 hours, the live music runs between 10PM – 3AM with a DJ jumping in to fill the silence most days.

The Foursquare location is close — although it’s actually right on Makati Avenue across from the Bario Fiesta beside the A.Venue Complex. Sometimes they have solo acts, sometimes duos or trios and they are all amazing. Even the open-mic nights draw regular working people who, given the right opportunity, would be better than most of the bands you hear on the radio today.

But enough chit chat. Here’s just 2 minutes of one guy who plays there. This clip has Change the World by Eric Clapton, and Iris from Goo Goo Dolls. It was the first song of his first set and he pretty much nailed it with no warm up. Wow. Β  Check out Kuwagos Grill for sure on your next trip through Manila.

And although I haven’t seen this band live — wouldn’t you love to live in a place where you find local bands playing fun music! This is Heylen Rose Onlagada down in Negro doing California Girls. Love the energy!