A Day at the Office: Legian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

People often ask me why I go to beautiful places like Thailand, Bali or the Philippines…and then do no sightseeing and just sit in front of my computer 14 hours a day working. Well…work has to get done. But if you have to work, which would you say is preferable: Working in the overcrowded Starbucks near my apartment in Japan — with staff constantly screaming orders out to each other and frappuccino mixers blasting away…or this…

Pretty nice office, wouldn’t you agree? This particular trip was in March, when I did my usual birthday thing of going to a country that I’ve never visited. This year was Bali, Indonesia. I LOVED BALI. It’s an amazing place, and definitely worth a visit. Great beer, great restaurants, and great scenery everywhere.



lannai day

The hotel in the video is the Jayakarta Hotel, which is at the top end of Legian Beach (ie, moving away from Kuta Beach, just before Seminyak area). You can see where it is, marked in red on this map:


I wrote a review on Trip Advisor with some other info about the hotel and about what Legian is like compared with Kuta. I think this link will take you there. If you can get a good deal, it’s a great place to stay. And the restaurant in the video by the beach is just 1 minute walk up the beach. It’s called Lanai. In spite of the trendy design, excellent food and amazing location and sunsets — you’d be hard pressed to spend $50 there even if you stay all day, have 3 meals and swill beers till sundown. They even have free WiFi. A traveling workaholic’s utopia. Need proof? Here’s a bill from a day when I had lunch, worked a few hours, then bought dinner for myself and 3 friends. The total…$50. Booya!


Note that if you are a fellow work-on-the-road type, finding decent Internet can be a bit difficult in Bali. Most places say they have it — but it will often be down, or so slow as to be useless. But there is one place that was relatively fast, not too expensive, and had some good food as well. The Bali Cyber Cafe. My other “office” in Bali. Here are some pics. Note that if they still have the Nicoise Grilled Tuna Salad, get it. Every day! And twice on Sunday. It’s amazing. As long as you don’t mind the cows watching you eat from across the road.


Bali Netcafe



Moooooove on down to Bali!!!