A Dedicated Wino in Bangkok

As a break from my usual long-winded travel info posts, this is just a quick blurb to introduce my favorite wino in Bangkok. This guy looks like your average wino…staggering up the street… Continue reading

Health Tourism in Thailand: Review of Asavanant Dental Clinic and the Digestive Health Clinic

In 2007, I wrote of my first major experience about health checks (plus a heart MRI) in Thailand. This article was picked up by Bloomberg News, some of which was used along with… Continue reading

The art of eating with your hands in South India

In Tamil Nadu in the deep south of India, they eat a food that is a mixture of bread, gravy and meat. This would be no problem if eaten with a spoon. Instead,… Continue reading

Sunset Point and Southern Sights in Kanya Kumari, India

Kanya Kumari is a small town in the southernmost of the 28 Indian states, Tamil Nadu. I was working so didn’t see much, but here’s a few of the places to hit, plus… Continue reading

A Kolam கோலம் a day to start the working day in India

I have many fond memories of my 2010 work trip to South India and Kanya Kumari. One of my favorites was showing up to the office entrance every morning to find a freshly… Continue reading

A Day on the Job in South India

In 2010, I was working with an online education start-up called Ukindi. As a part of the development process, I flew over to work directly with our developers at Neemtec in South India,… Continue reading

Live Music: Reason No.1 of what I LOVE about the Philippines.

Kuwagos Grill. Some of the best live music in Manila Those who know me know that my main thing to do in Manila is to take my computer, a few Pesos and hit… Continue reading

First Day in India: Kerala beaches and Tamil Nadu traffic

In 2010, I was working with an online education start up called Ukindi. As a part of the development process, I flew over to the South of India to work directly with the… Continue reading

Eclipse pics from Japan

Ok, I didn’t have eclipse glasses, but the cloud cover gave me a chance to see the main part of the eclipse without going blind! Here are some shots of the eclipse as… Continue reading

Malapascua Island, Cebu. Life’s a hammock…

About 5 years ago, I was on a flight back to Manila from Bohol. I had time to read a few articles from the in-flight magazine. The one that caught my eye was… Continue reading

My First Jeepney Ride: 5 tips to get you started. Bayad Po!

If you knew how much time I have spent in the Philippines over the years, you would say I deserve to be force fed sour balut for not having jumped on a jeepney… Continue reading

Budget Haircut in Makati, Manila

Before heading down to Boracay, my hair was just long enough that it required something more than a dash of water in the morning. Time for a travel haircut. This is a photo… Continue reading

It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Holy shit. I’m famous! Thanks to my amazing travel-editor friend, Denice De Guzman — Editor in Chief for VIEW magazine in the Philippines, I got to show my love for the Philippines.

My Chip of the Berlin Wall: A blast from the past

This post is a blast from my distant past. It’s not about Asia, but it’s still something that I’d like to share. A few pics from the days when the Berlin Wall came… Continue reading

Two Nights in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Worth the visit

Back in July 2005, I posted this on Globosapiens. Then I put it on my old Asia-travelbug blog, where it became one of my most viewed posts. Now it’s here on WordPress. ————-… Continue reading

The White Sands of Boracay Island, Philippines

White sands and warm red sunsets, blue sail boats, aqua green waters and “Boat Stations”…welcome to Boracay Island in the Philippines. IMHO, the best beach in SouthEast Asia.  This post is an overview… Continue reading

Is Starbucks Japan Milk Radioactive? Shhhh….It’s a Secret!!!

Radiation is being found throughout the food chain in Japan, including milk products. It’s therefore reasonable to ask a company that sells milk-based products to ensure that its food supply is radiation free.… Continue reading

A Japanese summer “matsuri”

Since my last video was my last working day…here’s my last night in Japan. I had been out working at Starbucks and headed home to finish packing. Then I heard the distinctive sounds… Continue reading

Road trip in Japan: Kamogawa, Chiba

Japan is Green, and I don’t mean Eco. As you’ll see on this drive down the Boso Peninsula (房総半島), there is more to Japan than crowded neon lit streets. Last weekend it was… Continue reading

Beers, Guns, Bars and More Beers in Manila

Some more info of my latest chill trip in the Philippines. Check the Makati map at the bottom for the rough location of bars mentioned in this post. Getting your buzz on in… Continue reading